Noyemi couture is named after my daughter –Noyemi. Which means beautiful in Armenian.

My creations are hand-sewed and filled with abundance of lace and pearls. I dedicate a lot of time, patience and love to find the unique details and shapes which complements your lines.

Noyemi is my love and my aim is to make you feel as beautiful, as the name has significance to me.

It’s easy to understand why my interest for sewing started early. With a mother as a seamstress, I started sketching and designing clothing as early as a nine years old.

I continued through the Textile High School in my hometown Norrköping, I also got a degree from the design school ESMOD in Oslo and Paris.

Today I work with one of the largest bridal stores, Stockholm Brud och Fest, thanks to them I can realize my dreams.

I'm living my dream by working with what I love. In my studio, I give you all my attention and bring forward ideas for you to be able to wear the dress or creation, to make you feel the most beautiful.

-Angela Berndtson





Collaboration Stockholm Brud & Fest

Photo Model Shot by Jessica Lund

Profil Photo by Gabrielle Holmberg